Zeta Asset Management

Zeta Asset Management is a limited partnership focusing on developing and implementing rule based trading systems by combining trader’s experience with quantitative methods from mathematics and finance.

Many friends and colleagues are interested in relationship between theory and practice of various investment methods. This site is established as a convenient deposit of many of our answers to their questions.

We structure this site by using the main menu to reflect several key components of successful investment practice: clarify a reasonable goal and review performance from time to time, select appropriate investment methods, control risks and reflect on investor’s psychological status and stay objective.  Submenus are added when needed. Detailed discussions of selected topics are posted as blogs with links in the menu. One can also conveniently use the blog menu to browse essays on various topics.

Our discussion here mostly focuses on general principles. Please send questions regarding to the concrete investment operation of Zeta Asset Management to the email address below. We are happy to discuss them.  Comments and suggestions will also be greatly appreciated. Valuable comments that add insight to or complement our blog entries will be added to the comment sections.


This website is operated by the founders of Zeta Asset Management, LLC:

  • Qing Zhang, Professor of Mathematics, University of Georgia
  • Qiji Jim Zhu, Professor of Mathematics, Western Michigan University

Disclaimer and copyright

Materials posted on this site, including all pages, papers linked to the paper directory, and articles posted on the blog, are provided solely for research purposes. They do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the respective institutions of the site editors. No material on this site should be interpreted as a directive to buy or sell any particular securities; consult a licensed professional financial adviser for your investment decisions.

All materials are copyrighted (c) 2013.

Please email any comments or questions: zetaassetmanagement@gmail.com


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